Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting up and Running

Thanks for stopping by. As the flyer said we are beginning to organize our farewell extravaganza. I think with some team work we can pull off a wonderful end of school party that will really add some memorable closure to our BAMS experience. We need all specialties here to make this work. We have three contact individuals who have already jumped into the pot so should anyone have any questions feel free to reach them. Feel free to comment below if you are interested in helping. Once we have our team organized we can set up a time to meet. Just off the cuff these are some of the task we would need to address;

money collection
farewell/thank you Gifts (for teachers and administration)

Feel free to add or comment on the list. Should you find one of these areas a specialty please by all means sign up to lead. Comment on this post or email we really need and want the input.


  1. A comment was fielded regarding Sarah's knowledge of the event. We have authorization to use the school playground for the party. Administrators are not privy to the details and hopefully we can keep them under our hat until the big day. Should any more questions arise (even from the younger generation), please let us know.

  2. My name is April I am Ayden Maitner's Mom he in the 3-5 class, I am also helping with the organization. You can contact me as well via my email I know we are all saddend by the end of school and all the kids going their separate ways. I am sure this will be a wonderful happy way to give them some closure.

  3. I will try to work on getting pictures and videos on here over the weekend. We have tons from different gatherings there over the last 3 years.

  4. Hi guys, we are happy to help out in any way, just let us know. Not sure what your thoughts were on food but we can provide any kind of bread products you need for free, hot dog buns, burger buns, sandwich buns, sliced bread. Just let us know what you need and what else we can do to help.

    Paul and Joanne Dunwell (Zak's Mom & Dad)

  5. Hi everyone,
    This is Maria Kadau. I'm the mother to Ashley (kindergarten) & Ryann (3-year old). I'd be happy to help out in any way although I will say that I am not good at scrapbooking. But just let me know what is needed.

    My email is I also work at Blossom Montessori next door, so if any of you are coming to 4/9 open house, feel free to seek me out! :)